Judy Seiler

Spiritual Divine Intervention


Quotes Judy has been a bit of a live saver for me and my family. In 2012 I helped to nurse my mother through a terminal illness and was desperately lost after she passed. I knew something was wrong but I didn?t know what. My doctor suggested we wait it out and turn to anti-depressants if I was unable to get out of it by myself. After six months, I came across Judy?s number and called her for help. The transformation in me was huge. My children could tell I was different after my first session with her. I saw her twice over the next month and from there, I?ve gone from strength to strength. The wonderful thing about Judy is that she teaches you fantastic coping strategies so you can stand alone but it feels like she is always there if you need her. Since then I have met wonderful people through her group sessions and her healing, mentoring and advice is enabling me to be all that I can be. I feel extremely lucky to have been touched by Judy?s ability. She is amazing.? Quotes
Julie Hayward
Very satisfied client

Quotes I met Judy approximately a year ago and have had some wonderful life changes since then - all down to her and her incredible abilities. Judy is the most brilliant and intuitive healer that I have come across (and I have come across a few) probably because she is completely invested in what she does. Her down to earth style is very comforting and totally therapeutic. I can not speak highly enough of Judy and would recommend that anyone who is struggling with the here and now to get in contact to start feeling better. Thanks Judy. Quotes
Tania Halpin
Very satisfied client

Quotes I heard about Judy at a time in my life when things seemed to be just happening with no real direction and plenty of stress. I was suffering gout which medication was not always eliminating. I was also having monthly visits to a physiotherapist to relieve back pain. By getting a better understanding of why we are here and letting go of old conditioning and thought processes stress has been dramatically reduced. The health benefits are incredible with no gout and no back pain, both of which are unheard of by modern medical practitioners To quote " Allopurinol is a life sentence" The healing takes time and effort, but I would never look back. Quotes
David Hooper
Healthy client

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