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Judy Seiler


Hello, my name is Judy and I work as a spiritual healer, clairvoyant and medium.


Life is a journey and from the moment we are born we have a wonderful gifts and abilities, but we also have natural ability to heal ourselves and to facilitate the healing processes in others.

For me, by the age of 7, I started to see spirits, which was quite scary at the time. However, being raised in a family of people who were all spiritually connected, it was explained to me I should not be afraid, these spirits are our friends.


And so it began…

I grew up with a knowing and premonitions. It was interesting how it impacted on my nursing career and later in my massage work, until spirit said it was time to fully embrace my gifts…


I can honestly say I did not realise what I was getting into, but I would not change a thing. It’s about being the best channel you can be to receive healing energies to facilitate the healing process in a fellow human being.

To heal ones self is the greatest gift you can give yourself – here’s how it works…


We are cocooned in a energy system, which  has a rhythm and flow.

There are 12 Energy Centres that operate on all levels of our being. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. They are all connected to the mainframe where the soul gives the directives to help you move forward on a daily basis in the most profound ways.

All the information about you is stored in discs of light which you tap into on a daily basis. However, as we go through life, we create blocks from the hurts and traumas that we suffer in order to learn our life lessons. This in turn limits our ability to tap into the information required to keep us evolving for our highest good. The biggest thing that holds us back is our mind. It can be our best friend and our worst enemy.


To heal yourself is about letting go of the bindings that hold you to old patterns and conditionings in this life time and past lives.

As we de- trigger we can then move forward and tap into the potentials of all the information stored within us to create and manifest our hopes, dreams and desires.


When you receive a healing the objective is to balance, clear and energise you on all levels of your being so that you can work optimally on a daily basis.


This is not an easy process, however, the more we let go of our blocks it then creates the freedom to move forward with greater clarity and enlightenment.


Empowerment allows you to be all that you are, standing in your truth and your light.


Humanity together is now moving towards ascension (releasing the human bindings without physically dying) to create freedom within, so we can re-define ourselves as THE DIVINE NEW HUMAN.



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